Who Makes the Stables Fantastic


Larry Marsman, horse trainer and enthusiast extraordinaire, is owner, operator and visionary. He has trained horses and riders for 40 years and is well-known throughout Mississippi. His style, perfected through many years and horses, allows you to understand horses to become a better horseman. Larry’s vision, to provide a sanctuary for horses and their riders, creates a bond that the whole family can appreciate.

Larry has won many awards and has award winning horses, however, a pedigree has never been required when it comes to training, riding and enjoying the bond of horses. Larry is patient with the novice and has wisdom for the tenured horse enthusiast. He has created a stable that entire families can enjoy together. His vision has been to allow the horse to bring family fun back through learning, laughing and experiencing the joy of trails and nature together.


Valerie Steele, horse enthusiast, serves as administrator and manager and all around ‘barn mom.’ She has a master’s in public policy and administration with a concentration in finance and non-profit management. Combining her love of horses, people and business has landed her in her dream career. “My daughter and I started taking lessons from Larry and we never left!” From the moment she set foot on the grounds, I knew this is where God was leading me.


David Gray, life-long horse enthusiast and now Ferrier and horseshoeing professional, David is a huge help with horses and making sure they are fed, healthy and manicured. David loves working with horses and will love yours. “There is nothing like the bond of a man and his horse,” says David. We are very blessed to have David and his new wife living on the property and able to provide security for our stable.

Tim and the “Crew”: Tim is Valerie’s son and all around ranch hand. He and “the crew” keep our stables looking beautiful and welcoming for all. From digging up weeds, to mending fences, stacking hay and mowing, we are very thankful for their contribution to make your experience all it can be.

Come visit us soon.


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