Board of Directors

Vikki Harvey
Larry Marsman
Molly Miller


larry2Larry Marsman, horse trainer, second stage PATH Instructor Certification, owner, operator and visionary. He has trained horses and riders for 40 years and is well-known throughout Mississippi. Larry is patient with the novice and has wisdom for the tenured horse enthusiast. He is often seen having more fun than the students during lessons.
Larry’s vision, to provide a sanctuary for horses, their riders, to allow the horse to bring family fun back through learning, laughing and experiencing the joy of trails, nature, and to create a bond that the whole family can appreciate.

DebiDebi Jessen, Administrative Assistant / Accounting Manager : Debi  comes to us with over 20+ years of book keeping.  Debi’s story is unique, her background is she grew up with a downs syndrome sister, and has raised four kids, two of which have high functioning autism.  Her youngest daughter who has Aspergers, a expressive/receptive learning disability, and dyslexia was our very first volunteer, it was through her and her growth that Debi decided to take the job of book keeper, so the director had one less thing to worry about. Today she is also the right hand to the Director.

Mona Stout, Technology Director : BSIT, University of Phoenix. Mona is proof that you do not have to live near the stables to help it succeed. She redesigned our website so it was more functional, and now has taken the role of our social media marketing person. Mona was introduced to the stables when she visited Debi and Mikayla, came out to the ranch and immediately felt “at home”, and decided she was going to do everything in her power to make this non-profit happen. She has four children, three are grown and one is in high school. She also knows what it means to have a “special” child, her son John was born with a heart defect and required heart surgeries. Mona is our all around anything tech person and we love and appreciate her even if it is at a distance for now!

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Our Students

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