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You have thought about riding your whole life, or maybe your son or daughter LOVES horses and wants to ride. Maybe the seasons of life have changed and you want a quiet and enchanting experience on trails. Whatever the reason, now is the time.

Our lessons are inclusive for typically developing and children and individuals with special needs and circumstances.  It is our desire to offer lessons for children with physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities and special circumstances, such as foster care, adoption, social delays and grief.  A place where everyone can be a kid.

Our trainers are the best and will bring out the best in your riding. For the novice rider, this is classical riding, you will know the basics of riding like you know how to walk and talk. Feeling the horse move and working with the horse will provide you with a lifetime of pleasure riding. Learning to see the horse through their eyes, provides you with wisdom to understand what they are thinking. Taking this wisdom throughout the rest of your life will allow you to share the heart of a creature that God made to partner with us in a symbiotic relationship for a bond like none-other.

So, don’t wait! Download the form today and book your lessons. Our trainers will teach you how to capture the eye, mind and ultimately, heart of a horse. Then you can use your knowledge on our 30 miles of trails. You will never feel better than committing to learning to do something you have wanted to (and learn from the best) and then receiving the reward of going on a trail ride by yourself or with others that share your passion.

We have the application, liability release and photo release available online for your convenience.

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