Our work depends upon these majestic creatures that we cannot help but love.  We are honored to introduce you to our equine friends; they are as much a part of the team as the people.  Really they are the superstars and we, humans, are the support crew that helps them day after day.


Equine Friends

 A beautiful registered quarter horse born on Easter, (hence the name Lilly for Easter Lillies).  She is spoiled rotten and has been loved since the day she was born.  She was the first horse we used for our Special Lessons.  Lilly has walked in countless circles, endured tireless enthusiasm from our children and is used repeatedly for birthday parties and painted numerous times by sweet little hands at special events.  She has the sweetest eyes and a huge heart.


Tootsie:  This little girl found her way here after competing as a hunter/jumper.  She served her owners well and is the first horse we received into our Foundation.  The owners Dr. and Mrs. Damon, are very emotionally attached to their horses and wanted to make sure they continued to be in a loving environment.  This set up the perfect scenario for us to extend Tootsie’s purpose. She is a smaller horse at 13.2,  going into her teen years and full of spunk.  She is thrilled to serve our special students and help put a smile on their face.


Pac-Man: This horse is the finest of gentleman and a gaited Paint.  Pac-Man is 20 years old and served as a champion on the Trail Competition Circuit.  Dr. and Mrs. Damon owned him as well, and were thrilled with the idea of him helping in our program.  He is a gentle giant and a love.  Blessed with the unique mark of one blue eye and one brown eye, he relates to our students on a deeper level.