Good Intentions

For those of you following our posts, I know you made New Year Resolutions that you may not have kept to the level that you intended.  Well, we now join those ranks.  We intended to blog once a week (which is not that much for you social techies) and have failed (don’t judge..).  It has been a bit more than a week!

This is where grace comes in!  We are building and growing and moving so fast, sometimes it is difficult to get our heads wrapped around how God is moving.  And then at other times, it seems that we spend all of our time asking “Are you sure?  Are we headed in the direction you want us to be?”

Do you ever feel this way?  I know you do , even if you don’t admit it…it’s ok.  That is the entire reason we are Natchez Trace Stables with Love and Grace.  That is what it is all about.

You have seen the deck, the classroom and the lab.  If you have not, we have tours 3 times a month and would love for you to join one and catch our vision!  We have started putting up rails around the loping pens to keep our special students safe.  We have attended our first Special Needs Symposium and have been met with resounding acceptance!  We have had agencies out to visit and help us develop programs.  How wonderful to start to see the vision come to life.

Spring is now in the air and we are booking our Spring Lessons (see our page for more details) and Birthday Parties and Spring Field Trips (see our Ride Through History).  We have babies in training and new horses in training.  The Trail Riding Club is growing!  We are looking forward to seeing all you wonderful horse enthusiasts riding the trails and enjoying  their special relationships and forming new ones.

For so long, this has been a vision in our mind’s eye and heart’s beat, to now see this start to transition to reality… is every bit scary as it is exciting!  We can’t do this without you, we certainly don’t have the experience you have.  We pray that God works through us with you and your help and wisdom to create a premier equine facility for your needs.

Moving on!.

p.s. I know He will….

Until next time…



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