Here we go…

I am not a blogger, but my passion is it share this story as it is written and look back to visit how God constructed this legacy from day one.  I am sure that it will be awkward to put into words at times and a bit mundane.  We are cleaning, sweating and removing all the clutter that accumulates.  We have stalls ready for the winter and hay in the loft.  We are a place for love and grace and believe that everyone that comes deserves to experience that peace that can be felt upon entering.

So much has been going on and yet at times, it is difficult to see.  This is our story as we build and transform Natchez Trace Stables to accommodate the vision that has been placed in our hearts.  You will be welcomed and needed.

We are on the lookout for new boarders to join our family.  We are for you if you would like a loving stable for your four-legged  family member.  This is a peaceful place where you can enjoy riding and the bond created with your horse.

We are opening Christmas Holiday Camps for the first time ever!  If you are looking for an additional outlet for your child then you need to look over our camp themes.  We will be holding 2 hour camps that focus on general horse care, a pajama camp, craft camp and we will hold a Horse Birthday Party that your child can participate in.  If you would like information on our camps, please contact me through the website and I can forward the schedule to you.

The concession stand is evolving into our camp and art room, complete with a deck that will make it wheelchair accessible.  We are very excited to be able to offer a place for children to learn and grow and enjoy the outside.  Parents have a place on our deck as well.  They can read and watch their children grow.

We are converting one of our stalls into a horse lab where children can learn the parts of a horse and saddle.  They can learn how a horse is measured and enjoy sitting on our mini-horse to get the feel.

The website is getting developed and infrastructure being laid.  This entails a lot of writing and research and thought.  Much of it is so new and  pray that God continues to drive this project.  So many have been so helpful to surround us with their labor and talent.  Limbs getting picked up to making sure the barn is clean. We are so thankful that God has allowed us to share the vision of what will be in our mind’s eye.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our story of love and grace for Natchez Trace Stables.

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