We have been slowly and steadily preparing for this day!  It is now official and we have established Natchez Trace Stables Foundation with love and grace.  This is a nonprofit organization that offers equine activities for children with special needs and circumstances.  We can't do this without your support, in so many ways. Right now, we are establishing the infrastructure... Continue Reading →

Good Intentions

For those of you following our posts, I know you made New Year Resolutions that you may not have kept to the level that you intended.  Well, we now join those ranks.  We intended to blog once a week (which is not that much for you social techies) and have failed (don't judge..).  It has been... Continue Reading →

Hope Unseen

Ok, my goal is to blog once a week to keep you updated on how our story develops.  More than that, you are a part of what we are developing and need your input.  As for progress, we have our laboratory for Horsemanship Camps and we have started using it to share with participants how... Continue Reading →

Here we go…

I am not a blogger, but my passion is it share this story as it is written and look back to visit how God constructed this legacy from day one.  I am sure that it will be awkward to put into words at times and a bit mundane.  We are cleaning, sweating and removing all... Continue Reading →

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