Natchez Trace Foundation with Love and Grace envisions individuals of every circumstance, but especially children, whose capacity for learning, growth, and independence are challenged and achieved utilizing equine activities and the live and healing of Christian faith.

We envision healthy relationships among individuals and families whose physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met by the unique experience of utilizing the horse; one of God’s magnificent creatures, to introduce, restore, and grow the skills that propel an individual to achieve God’s calling for them.


We exist to promote and support equine assisted activities to individuals of all abilities and circumstances, especially children.

We exist to provide special needs individuals with a safe place to be a child and play. We exist to support these individuals where they are and provide opportunities for growth, grace, healing, and of course love. To promote independence for increased effectiveness for their life. Ultimately to share the love of a Father who accepts who they are, where they are, and a desire to see them come into the fold of family.

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