With Love and Grace…

Peace for you and them.

Larry Marsman, owner and trainer extraordinaire, has spent his entire life with horses. Trained by Gil Akistahn originally, he is continuing the legacy of training horses in this unique and specialized manner. Mr. Akistahn, originally from a Lippizan horse-training family in Europe, immigrated to America due to World War II. This tragic event has brought good by continuing the training experience for horses.

Mr. Akistahn showed Larry how to capture the horse’s eye, mind and then heart. Once the heart is captured, the horse will do anything you ask. Larry has lived with horses, no – lived. Mr. Akistahn wanted to insure that the people he trained not only understood horses, but understood horses. Their moods, their language and behavior. There is only one way to do this….live with them! That is exactly what Larry did. He has been committed to the horse his entire life and is ready to share this training with you.

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